Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Building YAYI under ubuntu maverick

Yayi , according to the author, is a framework focussing on mathematical morphology. To build Yayi, boost is needed. For some reasons, I was not able to build Yayi with the boost binaries avalaible from the ubuntu repository, so prior building yayi, building boost is requiered.
Building Boost 1.44
  • Download boost
  • Decompress the archive in you local directory, my boost source directory is in 
  • Create a directory to build Boost, for example :
  • cd into the source dir and from a terminal:
  • then
./bjam --prefix=/home/jeanpat/Applications/Boost_1_44_0_Build --build-type=complete --layout=versioned --ignore-config -sBZIP2_INCLUDE=/usr/include -sBZIP2_LIBPATH=/lib install

Building Yayi
  • Download the source
  • Extract the source directory according to the instructions
  • then from the source directory, in a terminal:

cd Yayi
cd build
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